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illegal - SLUT QUEEN

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December 1st, 2003

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06:56 pm - illegal
hey freaks

as i have said before welcome to the newbie's of the likk hypocrites and weldone to jess for finding you all.

wot have i done thats madly illegal, well, not exactly alot but when i do it, i do it on a large fucking scale. the ones of which spring to mind first is that i am the priginal spiro, i am a twisted fire starter. on the field near my house we had jypsie's and there is a like trench around it, so i set light to the trench and the jypo's paniked and left rather sharpish, i also did two other large scale fires one turning a forest into charcole.

i must stress i was younger when i did this and i dunno if n e body was inside, who gives a shit if there were anyway.


well all i know about this is i don't suffer from insanity and hope you don't too


it is to hard for me to percifficly piont out insane factor's of my life, but meeting me would explain all u need to know, if u see my friends list u will see, i scared the fuckers silly.

hehe, enjoy ur selfs freaks

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